My Scientific Self-Image

  • As a historian with the university degree Master of Arts, I know the scientific toolbox very well.
  • My research is thoroughly and precise and based on high scientific standards.
  • I analyze and question the original documents and sources profoundly interpreting them in their right historical context.
  • My longtime experience in genealogy and research of family names (onomastics) is the basis of my work.
  • Thus, my research results are highly reliable.
  • They are scientifically correct and make an interesting and understandable read.
  • And of course I’m bound to scientific objectivity und the search for the truth.
  • Even genealogy is constantly developing. I stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the profession.
  • Review is a core element of science. Scientifically founded critical feedback to my work and results is most welcome. I will seriously engage with it and make corrections if necessary.

You can count on that.

My Commitment to Service

  • Reliability is my principle: I fulfill my acceptance.
  • I work thoroughly and quickly.
  • We develop the aims and key aspects of your assignment together.
  • I inform you permanently about intermediate results and discuss necessary decisions with you.
  • You will receive an appealingly designed product.
  • I will provide you with compatible data you can work with.
  • I take constructive criticism seriously. And I am looking forward to suggestions for any improvements of my services.

This is the way I work for you.

My quality-oriented work is based on my qualifications. For details see below: