Why Family History or Genealogy?

Your family history is a great treasure: It consists of life stories, fates, stories of hope, success, and failure. All of this is waiting for you when you engage in your family history. You might find out about ancient professions, meet unusual careers and widely ramified roots. You can raise this treasure and preserve it permanently for yourself and your family. And so your genealogy begins!

From my own experience I know: If we engage in our family history deeply, we can learn much about the history of our society and of our hometown. Abstract processes will become apprehensible and understandable. Suddenly history has something to do with myself!

I learned this as well: By engaging in the history of our family, we find out more about ourselves, about the attitudes and traditions in our family. What a fascinating experience!

As an enthusiastic historian and qualified genealogist, I will gladly research your family history for you, especially your German roots. I can help you with your own research and advise you. My skills and experience help me to ask the right questions. I can find the important documents in German archives, and interpret the information from source documents contextually in the right way. As a result you will receive a scientifically based product of high value; for example a family book, a pedigree chart, a family tree or a biography.

Are you interested? Than please look at my offers, convince yourself of my qualifications, or take a look at my self-image and contact me.

I’m looking forward to your family history!