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Historian M.A. ● Qualified Genealogy in Berlin
I will bring your family history to life!
  • You’re searching for your German roots? I can help to find them.
  • You want to know how the ancestors lived in the Old World? I’ll help you with German sources and archives.
  • You are seeking for a big birthday present? How about a family book or a pedigree chart?
  • For your next film or book project about German ancestors you are researching the historical background? I can advise you.
  • You got stuck with your genealogy in Germany? I can help you find new ways.

You’re looking for a qualified genealogist?

You have now found him.

About Frank Rzeppa

The roots of my family lie in Kashubia, in Danzig, in Eichsfeld (Lower Saxony) and in Brunswick region.

At Hanover University, I studied history and learned to work academically.

Now I live and work in Berlin.

I have been occupied with genealogy for more than 15 years now. Amongst other things, I manage the archive of my widely ramified family.

Read more about my qualifications here:

The high scientific quality of my work and my reliability as service provider are essential to my self-image as a genealogist.

More about my self-image you can find out here:

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Qualified Genealogy in Berlin

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